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Watch The Vampire Diaries S4: Mystic falls becomes the target town for vampires with the return of Stefan & Damon Salvatore. Stefan, the controlled brother who's focused on his humanity, enrolls at high school attempting a normal life whereas his brother Damon, the dashing, gorgeous, irresistible and dangerous brother makes Stefan's life a misery while trying to steal his girlfriend, Elena, along the way. With the confusing emotions, deceiving acts and hidden talents, comes a deep history from 1864 that Damon is determined to overcome by rescuing the Salvatore brothers' old love, Katherine, with the help of Elena's witch friend.

🌟 7.90/10 from 203827 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.90
Runtime: 43 mins
Genres: Drama Fantasy Horror Romance Mystery Thriller
Directors: Ian Somerhalder Paul Wesley Ralph Hemecker J. Miller Tobin Chris Grismer
Actors: Lauren Cohan Ian Somerhalder Nina Dobrev Paul Wesley Madeline Zima

The Vampire Diaries (2009) Comments

Posted by DiellzaTahiri
100% Useful

Just Love it!

Posted by sionnize
100% Useful

they need to bring back klaus in vampire diaries

Posted by snqobile
100% Useful

what happened to vampire diaries and the originals

Posted by joymay
100% Useful

Elena is annoying! I swear!

Posted by sionnize
100% Useful

the moment i was starting 2 like katherine she went n do something evil AGAIN.........uughhh she should die now!!!!!

Posted by RomyH
100% Useful

I can't wait for the next season !

Posted by scasiano
100% Useful

it won't let me watch

Posted by danycw_99
100% Useful

i love vampire diares donĀ“t turn human elena!!!!

Posted by DannyR85
100% Useful

the worst ending ever.......Cant wait till next time it comes out!! ot Stefans gonna die!!

Posted by chamikajackson
100% Useful

this was a really good episode im salty cause they gone come out of no were an put Stephen in the lake omg an he has his own twin an how are they going to know if its him or not

Posted by simsy
100% Useful

sigh I don't want Stefan to die :(

Posted by katherineolsson
100% Useful

I cried a lot !

Posted by trisss
100% Useful

A really great episode!

Posted by chamikajackson
100% Useful

this is the best show i ever seen i love ever episode i just wished that Elane was still a bad girl now shes back to her self an how can they try to kill Catherin she is so raw an what would this show be like without her?

Posted by Aichasug
100% Useful

is there another episode of this season or is that it?

Posted by bosss
100% Useful

Nicklause is d deadliest in that show

Posted by luci_kay
100% Useful

Just getting started herd good things apparently starts slow but im a massive True Blood fan so it better live up to my expectations

Posted by amyeaton
100% Useful

omfg, i love tvd

Posted by tewer
100% Useful

elena should just die!!

Posted by mariah1234_
100% Useful

seriously getting sick of elena. can she just make up her god damn mind. and stop saying 'hope' thats all that comes out of her mouth! i love stefan single, not with rebakkah or anyone, single. that way he wont get hurt. but to be honest, i still see a possiblity of stefan and elena getting back together.

Posted by natalie222000
100% Useful

it was sooooooooooooooooooooo nice

Posted by rooiebob
100% Useful

there should be more links from these last episodes because i watched all from sockedshare because i could seen them from there whitout paying or signing up and now i can't see those last 4 or 5 what have recently got up here because there are 2 links and it says signup.. so i would really apreciate it if this problem for me can getting solved thanks

Posted by patient3379
100% Useful

LOVE the vampire diaries! ;-)

Posted by BloodRain
100% Useful

why cannot from all the version..does anybudy know?

Posted by Jessica132b90
100% Useful

One of the few series that I like that revolve around vampires. Like this show very much!!!!!!!! Can't wait for season 4 episode 11 to come out after the winter holidays.

Posted by kairinas
100% Useful

wish season 3 episode 22 would play

Posted by amanda110159
100% Useful

Season 4 starts in October 11.

Posted by buba333
100% Useful

wen is comin season 4???? O.o

Posted by NikkiNikkj
100% Useful

they saying in september 24 :/

Posted by mykal22
100% Useful

it's not here, man and it was getting really good.meg is your name megan and is your sister sydney o's sis i'm her friend.

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