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Watch Supernatural S7: 22 years ago, John Winchester awoke in the middle of the night to find his wife, Mary, pinned to the ceiling, bleeding from the stomach, and set aflame. He managed to get his sons, 4-year-old Dean and six-month old Sam, out of the house, but Mary was killed leaving John devastated and determined for revenge against the supernatural thing that killed her. Present day, John has raised his sons to fight supernatural forces. Demons, ghosts, even cryptologic creatures. However, they can't find the thing that killed Mary. With his constant clashes with his father, Sam becomes disenchanted with the hunter's lifestyle, and goes away to college, where he falls in love with a girl named Jessica...

🌟 8.60/10 from 293096 users
Ratings: IMDB: 8.60
Runtime: 44 mins
Genres: Drama Fantasy Horror Mystery Thriller Action
Directors: Jensen Ackles Misha Collins Philip Sgriccia Chris Long Thomas J. Wright
Actors: Lauren Cohan Jensen Ackles Jeffrey Dean Morgan Adrianne Palicki Jared Padalecki

Supernatural (2005) Comments

Posted by Beneman4u
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horse art

Posted by Hunter1254
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One of my favorite tv-shows,its a must watch.

Posted by karlyn
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Best seasonal movie EVER..

Posted by Dirkdarkphoenix
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This is one of the few series I really love, aside the constant, predictable, unstoppable gayjokes. Some things go old fast, this is one of them. But meh, Jensen and Jared are so cuuute :D

Posted by ZebraBear12
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I really love this show. At first I went to their wikia page and read the teasers and found out that it was good. Started watching it here and found out that it was really good. Currently collecting the DVD copies of these so I can watch them again and again at home.

Posted by Winchester
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Best show I have seen. First few seasons are scary and have a few jump scares, along with a few things that will haunt you in your dreams. As the seasons go along there are less jump scares and monsters, instead they focus more on a specific story (biggest example: season 5) Season 5 is when they decided to have a bigger plot then "Two brothers hunting whatever supernatural thing they can find" They change directors often but in the earlier seasons all the episodes had an eerie feel and bright colors were often avoided to give a really creepy feel. As Kripke left though, they focused only on the plot and the Winchesters stopped hunting monsters, they started saving the world. It was alright for a season or two, but it's been three seasons and each time they just have a new obstacle to overcome. I love that there is always a bigger plot that you never know the ending of, it's fun when a series keeps you guessing, but nowadays I wish that there would be more random hunting episodes instead of always focusing on one thing throughout the season. All that said, the acting is great, the characters are three dimensional, and the directing and writing is beautiful. This TV series with always be my favorite. ~Maerta

Posted by angiewoolner
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Posted by narin2012
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This show has to be the best one ever Supernatural tops everything

Posted by _persephone_
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S. 8 Episode 12, As Time Goes By - An angel wasted is a terrible thing! Don't the boys have this awesome personal guardian that they can call on in certain situations? Like say - when their father's FATHER shimmies straight through from 1958 to 2013 and is mortally wounded by a demon? Apparently yelling "Call Cas! Call Cas! Call Cas, ya idgits!!!" at my computer doesn't do a lot of good. -Anyway- I am also definitely addicted to this show and my two fellow Texans.

Posted by anam_k908
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i am in love with this show its the best one yet...hope it goes on for like ever :)

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