Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier: After commanding a successful rescuing mission of hostages from pirates in a ship, Steve Rogers meets Nick Fury very upset since Natasha Romanoff had different objectives from his. Nick explains that he does not trust anybody but discloses the latest top secret project from SHIELD called "Operation Insight" that will launch three aircraft carriers into space, linked by a satellite to protect the world. There is an attempt against Nick by the Winter Soldier and Nick goes to Steve's apartment and delivers a flash memory to Steve. He tells that SHIELD is compromised with infiltrated HYDRA agents; then Nick is badly wounded by three shots and goes on surgery. Secretary Alexander Pierce asks...

🌟 7.90/10 from 276084 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.90
Runtime: 136 mins
Genres: Action Adventure Sci-Fi
Directors: Anthony Russo Joe Russo
Actors: Scarlett Johansson Cobie Smulders Samuel L. Jackson Emily VanCamp Hayley Atwell

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Comments

Posted by Jagblade
100% Useful

Is this "DVD" quality version another theater recording? Looks pretty bad compared to other films of the same quality rating.

Posted by itsjustmejessi
100% Useful

The movie itself is awesome!!!

Posted by lambiyong
100% Useful

action packed movie. 5/5

Posted by aborisuk
100% Useful

DUDE, best movie ever! Totally blew my mind....but probably if you're watching it for the first time you'll want to see it on dvd...with surround sound...still awesome though.

Posted by Prezzie
100% Useful

Kind of annpued that there is no captain america in good quality

Posted by RebelliousTribute
100% Useful

I'm a kind of addicted on Marvel movies -oops-

Posted by sch320
100% Useful

Totally crummy sound. But you get what you pay for. ;)

Posted by evamay
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Posted by Bandicoot
100% Useful

Good movie but the subtitles and talking people ruin it. I think I'll wait for a better quality.

Posted by Cannon
100% Useful

Don't waste your time on this until there is a better video. This copy is absolute rubbish. My daughter did a better job recording movies when she was 8.

Posted by camplo
100% Useful

this is gonna be so awesome!!

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