World War Z (2013)

Watch World War Z: United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

🌟 7.40/10 from 12297 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.40
Runtime: 116 mins
Genres: Action Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Director: Marc Forster
Actors: Brad Pitt Matthew Fox David Morse Ori Pfeffer Ludi Boeken

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Posted by ganjelina
100% Useful

quality on putlocker works great 4 me

Posted by gaurav1234
100% Useful

useless site

Posted by krismolloy1990
100% Useful

Wow very good film amazing copy thank you to the up loader

Posted by listenhere19
100% Useful

zombies wasnt like zombies theyd bite and run away. i expect zombies to tear flesh. 3.5/5. ONLY that high cause the acting

Posted by lambiyong
100% Useful

very good 5/5

Posted by MovieWebbMaster20
100% Useful

Great movie. Loved the new quality. 9/10 for a zombie movie. Perfect ending.

Posted by riptorn69
100% Useful

if ya like the walking dead u like this

Posted by corderoh1988
100% Useful

the quality is better you goofies, i give this movie 5 stars , bradd pitt is abeast

Posted by Marbowo
100% Useful

Mantap filmnya. . . awesome. . .Very good movie

Posted by Lenzky27
100% Useful

i just wish there's more action and thrilling scenes,it's quite dissapointing for me..maybe because i expected too much on this film.But nonetheless,it's still worth a watch...enjoy:)

Posted by jazzbass
100% Useful

Pretty low quality movie recording. Heard peeps talking and cell phones ringing during the movie. Show was OK but I would wait until a better quality upload becomes available.

Posted by MMAmadness
100% Useful

Great Movie Would be better If you can see it right. Thanks to the uploader anyway. Loved it. 6/10

Posted by josebrito1597
100% Useful

Its A good Movie But i hate that is all ways to dark

Posted by LegionAvalon
100% Useful

Quality aside, I really didn't think the movie lived up to the hype. 2.5/5.

Posted by dayne1965
100% Useful

just saw this movie yesterday, the way this ends one would believe that part 2 is not far behind? hope so it would clear everything up if you did if not okay.I can live with it. I give this movie a 4 star rating and hope that Mr. Brad Pitt gets a nomination for his role in this movie he deserves it.

Posted by rrobbo06
100% Useful

Hated it!!

Posted by renigade4x4
100% Useful

putlocker version is great

Posted by ChocolatePotato
100% Useful

damn, the movie seems like its interesting but i cant even understand what is going on because most of the time in the movie, it is dark. for example, why couldnt they have gone out to refuel the plane in the daytime, and why did they go to the roof to "get to the chopper" in the daytime. seriously the setting and lighting was horrible. And the camera was too shaky as well

Posted by Rocknrolla22
100% Useful

Would have enjoyed it a lot more if it was better quality.

Posted by Salzar
100% Useful

DVD version please!!!

Posted by StarStealer
100% Useful

Saw this in the theater... this is going to be hard to watch on a cam FYI since there's so many scenes where there's running and the camera is shaking like wild. Movie was pretty good, reminded me a lot of 28 Days Later. A little hard to follow at times but good.

Posted by Predamorph
100% Useful

before i saw this I thought I'd already seen the bottom of the barrel when it came to the quality of movies on this site. guess it can always get worse. for as much of the movie i could stand with this quality i felt like i was drunk or something

Posted by jusmick99
100% Useful

hope there is a better copy soon!

Posted by Bigmac187
100% Useful

Very good movie! However the quality and camera angle ruined it for me.

Posted by riptorn69
100% Useful

wheres the full movie and better picture

Posted by ronald_bittner
100% Useful

movie was in 3D when person was video taping... everything is doubled and blurred. good luck watching

Posted by alwayswatching
100% Useful

The quality of the picture ruined what might be a good movie!

Posted by bumba007
100% Useful

not a bad film some scenes go by abit quick but is worth the watch

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