The Purge (2013)

Watch The Purge: In 2022, the United States of America celebrates once a year "The Purge", a 12-hour period when any crime is allowed including murder. The result is economical growth and a society free of homeless, sick and unproductive persons. James Sandin is a successful salesman that sells security systems for houses. He lives with his wife Mary and his teenage son Charlie and daughter Zoey in a fancy house in the suburb. During the purge, James seals his house and plans to watch a movie with his family. However, Charlie sees a stranger fleeing from a group that is hunting him down and he disarms the security device and lets the man in. But the leader of the group gives an ultimatum to James: if he...

🌟 5.60/10 from 120160 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.60
Runtime: 85 mins
Genres: Sci-Fi Thriller Horror
Director: James DeMonaco
Actors: Lena Headey Ethan Hawke John Weselcouch David Basila Max Burkholder

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Posted by squier13
100% Useful

(PLEASE HELP)how do I watch it without having to register for a account

Posted by elhami
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I give this movie a 8 too. I actually see the future of this movie, the US goverment goes slow with the community try to make it a peaceful place. When the micro-chip is passed in to humans, they can control our emotions. And hell will come.

Posted by Sexicrazicool
100% Useful

I liked this movie but if this was 2 really happen I will surely hope 2 b in heaven with my father by then... Ms. Sandy was crazy cause every last 1 of them mothalovas would of been dead...Purge 2 June 20 2014...

Posted by Taz31
100% Useful

This is very disturbing movie on so many levels. And it did not surprise me that is was America who condonned it all in the movie. Perhaps that is the way they are heading...who knows. But murder is murder and no one night a year will ever validate the 'sacrifice' of innocent lives, just so disturb people can go around murdering others because they are either poor, jealous or angry about who cares what. One thing I will say is good on that one family trying to do the right thing. And my personal opinion about others who think it was a great movie and concept..shame on you!...but then that is just my opinion and each to their own...right? I give this movie a rating of 1 out of 10 and the 1 is for the family that did the right thing...oh and for Ethan Hawk too :-)

Posted by Nathanmarksman
100% Useful

Disappointing movie sadly in my opinion. :(

Posted by Batman5143
100% Useful

I give "The Purge" a 8 because the movie wasnt that scary as the trailer made it be. But other wise, it was a pretty good horror movie and I just hate that the people went crazy at the end.

Posted by Caitlyn_perry3
100% Useful

how do I get this to work!!! I want to see this movie!!

Posted by writer54
100% Useful

good movie

Posted by concordmom
100% Useful

There were a few times that we were on the edge of our seats and overall it was entertaining....especially the general thougt of what could happen if killing people was legal one night a year...could you imagine?? Well, I guess that is what the movies are for afterall... we rate 8 out 10...Thanks for the opportunity to watch!

Posted by carmenb74
100% Useful

I think we should really do this each year, but only to the people that has been on welfare for over a year! A year is plenty of time to find a job and get off of "Government help"...McDonalds hire people everyday...stop being a strain on everyone else that works their asses off everyday!

Posted by greemy5
100% Useful

REVELATION 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. Don't be surprised if something like this really happens, for the grand cause of depopulating the earth. And remember the ending speaking abut 200,000 in Dallas participating in Purge at same time. Jesus is Coming soon, Wake Up and Repent!

Posted by MrVisual
100% Useful

This film is a classic case to me of needing a real "cult director" to make it work. For me it didn't.I found the character of the son REALLY annoying. The idea of the film was interesting by condening into 12 hours what used to happen over 365 days. $64 million domestoc gross from 2500 plus screens says it all. Ohhh yes and dont belive the budget!!! Definitely to be watched.

Posted by lengema
100% Useful

Great idea,A must watch i think its pretty good,,

Posted by SkillerMega
100% Useful

7.5/10 Novel idea but could have been expanded upon. worth watching

Posted by MichaelRCalkins
100% Useful

Fantastic film, great direction style, great action, Ethan Hawke is badass, the main creepy Freak dude is really really creepy, and all around a great low budget action-thriller.

Posted by cherryfreak1983
100% Useful

I am agreeing with most of everyone here too; this was a pretty good movie. The acting was ok. The plot was above average. I have a feeling that if they make a Purge2 it will actually be better than the original. The concept is really great.

Posted by MMAmadness
100% Useful

Good copy and a sign of things to come? lol. 8/10

Posted by lambiyong
100% Useful

that was a great movie..4/5

Posted by movielover56
100% Useful

good concept, the play out of the movie was foolish

Posted by Purger
100% Useful

would love to see the purge 2 with a look on the poor people

Posted by Kevsto
100% Useful

Very intense movie. Pretty good.

Posted by KM_07
100% Useful

Definitely would give the movie 5/5. This movie should be on your list, it's terrific!

Posted by KM_07
100% Useful

I give it 5/5. This movie is terrific!

100% Useful

great movie! remains me of the strangers

Posted by _Kayy
100% Useful

i say this movie is a 5/5 very good .. i hate the Chinese words at the bottom annoying other than that it was good .

Posted by CaptHowdy
100% Useful

Great concept, But weak finish. Just another home invasion movie.

Posted by kiidmarcus
100% Useful

this is one good movie

Posted by Bigmac187
100% Useful

Great idea for a movie but they could have done better.

Posted by Blueskies
100% Useful

i will give this movie a 4.5/5. Would buy this movie for sure. so ladies grab your men get that comfy spot on the couch and good watching.

Posted by shootemup
100% Useful

pretty good

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