Oblivion (2013)

Watch Oblivion: One of the few remaining drone repairmen assigned to Earth, its surface devastated after decades of war with the alien Scavs, discovers a crashed spacecraft with contents that bring into question everything he believed about the war, and may even put the fate of mankind in his hands.

🌟 7.10/10 from 83749 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.10
Runtime: 124 mins
Genres: Action Sci-Fi Adventure Thriller
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Actors: Tom Cruise Morgan Freeman Olga Kurylenko Zoe Bell Melissa Leo

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Posted by MrBCut
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i feel impartial about this movie - good at times, but wtf at times...a good 1st watch, but not worth a 2nd. The brunette and red head are smoking hot!!!

Posted by jellybaby32
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hmmmm, wasnt too keen on this. good technology and future glimse of how it could be. good plot twist but bit far fetched and predictable once you realise what Cruise is. dont fully understand the reason behind the invasion either?? 6/10

Posted by fergus1969
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loved it,great twist in the story. 8/10

Posted by cloudesign
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This is a good movie. The main themes of anti-control and pro-human spirit could have been punctuated more; however, there is enough of that in other movies. The understatement and what was not said in this movie leave more to the imagination. The allusions to Philip K. Dick's Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep and Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey are obvious (odd that, Cruise was in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut). Much, Much better than World War Z.

Posted by onfire95
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loved it. love sifi movies like this :)

Posted by bigfeet14
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pretty good i enjoyed it

Posted by fmcgregor
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What a good movie; you don't know where it's going til it gets there. 4/5, could have used a little more emotion for a 5/5. I wanna rewatch.

Posted by Micaethus
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Good movie, 7/10. It's enjoyable, just a bit long for what it is, with predictable twists. Still, worth a watch.

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Posted by Fahid
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watching so many movies about aliens make wanna think about them like are there aliens, will I be able to see them in my life how they look and behave...

Posted by ns789
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This movie had so much potential... what a shame

Posted by Oceanic15
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It was Fine but a bit long; interesting twists at times. The quality is perfect.

Posted by jamesb137
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Awesome movie. Good twist but it takes a while to get started. 4.3/5

Posted by lambiyong
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this ones good. 4/5

Posted by deanofode
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Finally a great copy sound a wee bit iffy but otherwise Great Thanks for this post Good film

Posted by mellache
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Worth watching. Good action as well as a love story. I was a bit confused about the plot but the ending was really nice

Posted by Shibly007
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this movie is pretty good..... i enjoyed it very much... :)

Posted by HelloAkoMikoy
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upload a dvd quality copy please. Thanks

Posted by HelloAkoMikoy
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dvd copy please.

Posted by prantheone
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Please upload good quality link...thanks

Posted by subminx3
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I loved this. I had only heard negative comments, am glad I ignored them and watched this. Very interesting movie :)

Posted by Gogoheadray
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decent movie; I thought LOTR was better though.

Posted by ovaiskind
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Should I download this ,,, What about its pic quality

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