Watch Love at First Hiccup: LOVE AT FIRST HICCUP is a charming, innocent, and intelligent romantic comedy about the freshman Victor who has contracted a case of Anya-itis (acute and incurable love-passion for high school senior Anya). And why shouldn't he? She is beautiful and popular. Rich but incredibly sweet with a rare innocence. In other words: Way out of Victor's league. Unfortunately Anya also dates a rich guy, Peter, who drives a fancy lotus and has a stuffed Gucci wallet. However chance meetings riddled with awkward hiccups soon makes sparks fly between Anya and Victor. Maybe Victor's shy and goofy charm can beat out Peters arrogance?

🌟 5.70/10 from 2919 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.70
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres: Comedy Action
Director: Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg
Actors: Scout Taylor-Compton Octavia Spencer Ray Wise Twink Caplan Steven Bernstein

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