Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Watch Spider-Man 3: Peter Parker has finally managed to piece together the once-broken parts of his life, maintaining a balance between his relationship with Mary-Jane and his responsibility as Spider-Man. But more challenges arise for our young hero. Peter's old friend Harry Obsourne has set out for revenge against Peter; taking up the mantle of his late father's persona as The New Goblin, and Peter must also capture Uncle Ben's real killer, Flint Marko, who has been transformed into his toughest foe yet, the Sandman. All hope seems lost when suddenly Peter's suit turns jet-black and greatly amplifies his powers. But it also begins to greatly amplify the much darker qualities of Peter's personality that he...

🌟 6.20/10 from 488246 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.20
Runtime: 139 mins
Genres: Action Thriller Drama Fantasy Adventure Sci-Fi
Director: Sam Raimi
Actors: James Franco Elizabeth Banks Kirsten Dunst Joe Manganiello Bryce Dallas Howard

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