Watch Black Christmas: In the 70's, the boy Billy is born with yellow skin due to a liver disease and his dysfunctional mother rejects him. Later he witnesses his mother and her lover killing his beloved father and burying him in the basement of their house, and he is locked in the attic alone along his childhood. When he is a teenager, he is sexually abused by his mother and she has a baby girl called Agnes. During Christmas, the deranged Billy escapes from his imprisonment, kills his mother and stepfather and blinds one eye of Agnes. He is declared insane and his sister is sent to an orphanage. In the present days, Billy escapes from the Clark Sanatorium to spend Christmas with his family. Meanwhile, his...

🌟 4.60/10 from 22685 users
Ratings: IMDB: 4.60
Runtime: 84 mins
Genres: Horror Thriller Comedy
Director: Glen Morgan
Actors: Lacey Chabert Katie Cassidy Oliver Hudson Jerry Wasserman Kent Kubena

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