Watch The Proposition: Rural Australia in the late nineteenth century: Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone) and his men capture two of the three Burns brothers, Charlie (Guy Pearce) and Mike (Richard Wilson). Their gang is held responsible for attacking the Hopkins farm, raping pregnant Mrs. Hopkins and murdering the whole family. Arthur Burns (Danny Huston), the eldest brother and the gang's mastermind, remains on the loose and has retreated to a mountain hideout. Captain Stanley's proposition to Charlie is to gain pardon and, more importantly, save his beloved younger brother Mike from the gallows by finding and killing Arthur within nine days.

🌟 7.40/10 from 47650 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.40
Runtime: 104 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Western Action
Director: John Hillcoat
Actors: Guy Pearce John Hurt Ray Winstone David Wenham Emily Watson

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