Twisted (2004)

Watch Twisted: Jessica Shepard is an on the rise police officer of San Francisco's esteemed police department, after having solved a big case about a serial killer. Her mentor John Mills is proud of Jessica as a father would be of his daughter, since Mills was the partner of Jessica's late father. With a newly established promotion, Jessica finds that she might once again have to prove herself in a department that takes no prisoners. Not to mention a new partner named Mike Delmarco, who might be Jessica's next closest thing to a confidant. However, a man has been found dead and the two officers are brought into the investigation. What they find is a surprise when the dead in question was a man Jessica...

🌟 5.30/10 from 19936 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.30
Runtime: 97 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Action
Director: Philip Kaufman
Actors: Samuel L. Jackson Ashley Judd David Strathairn Andy Garcia Mark Pellegrino

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