Retrograde (2004)

Watch Retrograde: In the not too distant future, a team of genetically unique men and women, lead by John Foster, make a daring, first attempt trip back in time in order to prevent the discovery of meteors containing a deadly, off-world bacteria... a bacteria that brings humanity to the brink of extinction. Unbeknowst to John, a mutinous officer named Dalton has personal greed driven plans of his own for a new life in the past. Set aboard a ship trapped in the Antarctic, fate and chance forever alter the lives of a group of scientists and polar researchers who encounter John and Dalton. The opposing time travelers soon discover that their return to the present day, sets into motion the terrible things to...

🌟 3.20/10 from 1487 users
Ratings: IMDB: 3.20
Runtime: 93 mins
Genres: Action Adventure Sci-Fi Thriller
Director: Christopher Kulikowski
Actors: Dolph Lundgren Arnita Swanson Marco Lorenzini David Jean Thomas Dean Gregory

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