Clean, Shaven (1993)

Watch Clean, Shaven: Clean shaven a tough film for some to take, but it contains by far the most honest and moving portrait of schizophrenia every put on the screen. Peter Greene portrays a young man who'd been instatutionalised. Now outside, he's desperately trying to find a way to both function in the world, and to search for his young daughter, who he had before being hospitalised, and had only seen as an infant. It's a hard film for some to watch, but it's also highly rewarding -especially in Mr Green's riveting performance.

🌟 7.10/10 from 5130 users
Ratings: IMDB: 7.10
Runtime: 79 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Action Thriller
Director: Lodge Kerrigan
Actors: Peter Greene Melissa Painter Martin Pfefferkorn Lee Kayman Vanessa Miller

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