Solar Crisis (1990)

Watch Solar Crisis: A huge Solar flare is predicted to fry Earth. Astronauts must fly to the sun to drop a talking bomb (Freddy) at the right time so the flare will point somewhere else. Giant IXL Corp C.E.O. Teague thinks the flare won't happen and wants the mission to fail so he can buy the planet cheaply while the scare lasts. Employee Haas prepares a surprise for the astronauts. While daddy Steve Kelso commands the space ship where temperatures rise, granddaddy Admiral Skeet Kelso is searching the desert for grandson Mike who's gone A.W.O.L. to say goodbye to his dad but who inadvertently crossed the path of the men from IXL after meeting desert-dweller Travis.

🌟 4.00/10 from 1659 users
Ratings: IMDB: 4.00
Runtime: 112 mins
Genres: Adventure Sci-Fi Thriller Action
Directors: Richard C. Sarafian Alan Smithee
Actors: Charlton Heston Tim Matheson Peter Boyle Jack Palance Jimmie F. Skaggs

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