Watch Kindergarten Cop: John Kimble is a tough city cop who's been on the trail of drug dealer Cullen Crisp for years. He finally tracks Crisp down but it seems the only person that can testify against him is his ex-wife. The problem is she's disappeared and all Kimble knows is the name of the school in Oregon where her son attends. When things don't quite go to plan, Kimble finds he has to go undercover on his toughest assignment yet - Kindergarten teacher!

🌟 5.90/10 from 70690 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.90
Runtime: 111 mins
Genres: Action Comedy Crime Thriller
Director: Ivan Reitman
Actors: Odette Annable Linda Hunt Penelope Ann Miller Miko Hughes Jason Reitman

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Posted by darkwitch55
100% Useful

Great movie, too bad Arnold is such a douchebag now.

Posted by darkwitch55
100% Useful

Great movie, too bad Arnold is such a douchebag now.

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