Firewalker (1986)

Watch Firewalker: Max Donigan sets off on a treasure hunt with his friend Leo and newly-acquired partner Patricia, who provided the treasure map. Along the way they encounter a few bar fights, evil "coyotes", and other obstacles they are able to overcome with ease. When they find the temple with the treasure, they also find the Firewalker, who wants to retain the power of his ancestors and put an end to the trio's treasure hunt. In the end, Max and his two friends persevere and return home wealthy.

🌟 5.20/10 from 5774 users
Ratings: IMDB: 5.20
Runtime: 105 mins
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Actors: Chuck Norris John Rhys-Davies Louis Gossett Jr. John Hazelwood Juan Jaramillo

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