Watch Thriller: A Cruel Picture: Frigga lives with her parents on their farm. Unable to speak after being horrifically raped by an elderly man when she was young, her parents spend the majority of their money on speech therapy classes for their daughter in the hope that one day, she will speak again. One day, Frigga misses the bus to get to her speech therapy class. She accepts a ride off a suave looking gentlemen named Tony who pulls up beside her. Once they are in town, he takes her for a meal. Afterwards, he takes Frigga back to what appears to be his bachelor pad. He gives her wine that has probably been drugged, as she passes out after drinking it. The man then takes no time in bringing a crooked doctor in to get...

🌟 6.50/10 from 5788 users
Ratings: IMDB: 6.50
Runtime: 104 mins
Genres: Action Thriller Crime Drama Horror
Director: Bo Arne Vibenius
Actors: Heinz Hopf Solveig Andersson Per-Axel Arosenius Hans-Eric Stenborg Bruno Sörwing

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