Watch Clockwork orange - kellopeliappelsiini: In a near-futuristic society, late teen Alex DeLarge is the leader of a gang of thugs - his "droogs" - who commit acts of ultra-violence, often with sexual components, without any regard for their victims, and purely because it strikes their collective fancies. These acts are largely fueled by drug use. In addition, Alex is a lover of music, especially that of Ludwig van Beethoven, which, when he listens to it during these acts, intensifies his pleasure, and in turn inspires him to commit further such acts. He does not tolerate any challenge to his leadership by his droogs. Although the authorities in general know of Alex's delinquency, they have so far been unable to catch him in the act...

🌟 8.30/10 from 609849 users
Ratings: IMDB: 8.30
Runtime: 136 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Sci-Fi Thriller
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Actors: Malcolm McDowell Steven Berkoff David Prowse Carl Duering Prudence Drage

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